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The English Chocolate Fountain Company is currently OUT OF STOCK on all our OWN products.....

We would like to offer the latest products shown below available from:

If you are looking to purchase your own chocolate fountain or champagne fountain look here.

Milk Chocolate Microwaveable Buttons (900g)


Thornton's Milk chocolate buttons made with extra cocoa butter so no need for extra oil, perfect for chocolate fountains and cooking, in a microwaveable pouch.

£1.00 per 100g
Product Code: 4690

Dark Chocolate Dipping Sauce


Deliciously dark chocolate dipping sauce perfect for cosy nights in.

Product Code: 7716

Milk Chocolate Dipping Sauce


Beautifully smooth milk chocolate dipping sauce team with Thorntons delicious vanilla fudge or with fresh fruit for a fun after dinner treat

Product Code: 7726

White Chocolate Dipping Sauce


Wickedly wonderful white chocolate dipping sauce perfect with fresh strawberries or Thorntons vanilla fudge.

Product Code: 7727