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Frequenty Asked Questions....

Q: What can you dip in the Chocolate Fountain?
A: You can use marshmallows, mini doughnuts, strawberries or other fruits, well actually anything edible that goes with chocolate! However, we strongly advise against anything crumbly or anything that easily slides off skewers, for the sake of the consistent flow of the chocolate.

Q: What happens if you run out of dips or chocolate?
A: We have never run out of dips or chocolate at an event, providing we are given the correct information regarding numbers of guests, we guarantee we will have enough to last the whole event.

Q: What type of chocolate do you use?
A: We use the best quality Belgian chocolate. It is available in MILK, DARK AND WHITE flavours and has been specifically designed for use as a fountain chocolate. It flows perfectly every time without the need to thin the chocolate. The intense flavour and aroma, combined with its silky smooth texture makes Belgian Chocolate the number one choice among chocolate connoisseurs.

Q: Can the Chocolate Fountain be used outside?
A: The Chocolate Fountain can only be operated in enclosed areas. This is for two reasons. Firstly because chocolate has such an aroma it will attract flying insects. Secondly, the chocolate needs to be kept warm at all times - this can be difficult if there is a breeze or adverse weather.

Q: Why choose The English Chocolate Fountain Company?
A: The answer is very simple! Chocolate Fountains are great fun and we enjoy our chocolate fountains as much as you will. We will ensure that your guests are treated to the ultimate in chocolate heaven. We are always polite and willing to help and answer any questions. The professionalism and flexibility in our service is second to none. If you have any special requests we will always try our utmost to accommodate these.

Q: What is a Chocolate Fountain?
A: A Chocolate Fountain is a fountain specifically designed to allow chocolate to continuously flow in a liquid form. The Fountain draws the liquid up through the tower using a corkscrew device, allowing the chocolate to flow over a series of plates that create a fountain effect. The Fountain also contains a heater to maintain the chocolate in a liquid form at a pleasant temperature.
Q:Which areas do you cover?
A: We are a National Company and travel all over the UK. Presently we have Sephra machines and chocolatiers attending many of the recognised events throughout the UK in beautiful locations such as: Chatsworth, Belvoir Castle, Burghley House, Bolsover Castle and Sandringham.

Q: Is there anything that I need to supply?
A: All that we require to operate is a standard 13 Amp power supply and a table that is at least 4 feet in diameter. Virtually all venues are willing to provide a table and electricity supply free of charge but they must be informed of this prior to the event.

Q: Is an operator essential?
A: We believe that it is imperative that a trained operator is present. This is simply to ensure that food hygiene is maintained and that your guests enjoy the Chocolate Fountain to its greatest potential. This would also allow you to enjoy your event without having any concerns about the Chocolate Fountain.

Q: Where can we have our Chocolate Fountain?
A: Chocolate Fountains tend to work best indoors but they can be used quite easily in marquees as long as the flooring is stable and flat. Warm, delicious flowing chocolate is as tempting to insects as it is to us so we would not operate directly outdoors.

Q: How and when should we book?
A: Chocolate Fountains are becoming increasingly popular at many events and demand is always high so we would recommend that you book as soon as possible. You can book online via email but we always prefer to talk to our clients, to answer any specific questions and to discuss any extra requirements that you may have. A deposit of £50 is required to ensure that the fountain is available for your day with the balance payable at least 28 days prior to the event.